Where Can I Serve?

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of Jehovah Jireh Baptist Church (JJBC) is our mission to the world. It begins in our own community and continues to grow daily. JJBC members are involved in a variety of ministries from things as simple as preparing the church bulletins to sharing the gospel every third Saturday through evangelishm and food share programs to feeding and clothing the hungry and needy to ensuring that the doctrine of Jesus Christ is taught and shared in an understandable way.


Deacon & Deaconess Ministry

Scripture: “…be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord….” 1 Corinthians 15:58

Mission Statement:  As extended arms of the Pastor, we minister to the congregation as his representatives in matters that will further the growth of the individual member and the corporate body. It is our responsibility to attend to the needs of the members of the church, as related to the Spiritual and the temporal needs that may arise. As Deacons, we are passionate to develop a more Christ-like congregation and are committed to the standard of Ministry proclaimed by the written and preached Word of God.

Vision Statement: Serving as extended arms of the Ministry of the Pastor. 

Ministry Description:  The Deacon’s Ministry is overseen by one chairmen and one vice-chairman, while other areas of ministry are assigned a personal Deacon to oversee them. This includes (but not limited to): Visiting the Sick & Shut-in, Overseeing the benevolent needs of the congregation, Caring for the church building and grounds, Supervising transportation needs of the congregation, Assisting  in preparing candidates for Baptism, Overseeing the Security and Media Ministries and Serving as liaison to the Core Ministries per  the  direction of the Pastor.


Ushers Ministry

Scripture: Romans 12 – 10:13

Motto: “We are committed to serve, and usher in Gods people”

Statement of Purpose: The purpose of the Ushers Ministry is to provide assistance to people during the worship services The usher ministry at Jehovah Jireh Baptist Church is here to help facilitate our church services and to show a welcoming smile to each one of our church members and visitors every week. We are the fore runners of the Church in that we prepare the way for members and visitors to find a seat in service to worship the Lord.

Mission Statement: As a Ministry we arrive first to meet and direct the congregation to a comfortable seat. To meet, greet and seat all those who enter JJBC.  To extend to each visitor and member a friendly greeting so they will be in the right frame of mind to receive the message from the Pastor.  To be in attendance at all functions of the church and to support our Pastor at all times.  We also make sure that perfect order is kept in church.

Services Offered: The ministry to which a person is called when he or she becomes a church usher can best be described in the following ways: 
 1. Great worshippers, making every attempt to help them feel welcome and at ease.  
2. Escort members and guests to their seats.  
3. Distribute materials related to the service/meeting such as bulletins, hymnals, handouts, etc.  

Men’s Ministry                        

Scripture: “…And the Lord said, “Arise, anoint him, from this is the one.” I Samuel 16:2

 Motto: “God’s man is a real man and only real men are God’s men”

Statement of Purpose: We are a men’s ministry dedicated to helping men be the godly men God has called us to be. God has chosen us to restore our proper place in our homes, the world and the church; and to lead as servants with integrity.

Mission Statement: God has chosen us to disciple, evangelize, and empower men through the Word of God (Spiritually) and to bring healing and wholeness to our brothers by addressing male issues (finance, heath , sexual behavior, better husbands and fathers, etc.) We will host various men’s fellowships and plan events to strengthen us within and to reach other brothers. We will also focus on mentoring and becoming role models to our young boys in our church.

Women’s Ministry

Mission Statement: The mission of the JJBC Women’s Ministry is to promote spiritual growth and maturity in women, reflecting our belief in the  authority of God’s Word and preeminence of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.


Statement of Purpose: Our purpose is to equip women for…

Life, by providing opportunities for personal growth, believing that every women is valued as a role model of Biblical truth to her family, her work, her church, and her community. 

Ministry, by engaging them in fruitful and fulfilling service to our Lord, believing that every woman is gifted by God and should have the opportunity to develop that gift. 

Missions, by promoting all aspects of community service, and missionary outreach, encouraging all women to be involved in missions.

We at JJBC will strive to meet these by the following :

 Life – providing for personal growth

…providing Bible Study opportunities

…providing seminars targeted to the needs and growth of women

…providing fellowship opportunities which serve to encourage women involved in everyday life

…provide fellowship opportunities which serve to encourage the building of friendships

…college ministry – encouraging those who are away at school through cards and gifts

…encouraging women to seek their gifts and put them into use in our body.